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Advertising for Used Equipment Dealers

Basic Package - $100.00/mo.
The basic package for used equipment dealers consists of the following

  • (4) equipment for sales listings in UED
  • (1) specialty listing in UED
  • Unlimited usage of the UEN web site, including unlimited for-sale listings
  • Daily email dealer bulletin
  • All paid UED for-sale listings appear in the monthly UED-ed edition
The basic advertising package is a prerequisite for all other equipment dealer advertising opportunities. Used equipment dealers maintain their own listings on the UEN web site and select those listings to appear in UED from those listed on UEN.

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Additional print advertising in UED (monthly rates):

Equipment listings beyond the first four are priced on a sliding scale that begins at approximately $7.00 per listing and decreases with total quantity. A complete rate chart is available. Additional dealer specialty listings cost $10 each up to a maximum of 5 per dealer.

Display advertising for used equipment dealers is available in various sizes ranging from 1/12 page (approximately 1-1/3" h by 4" w) to full page. The complete rate chart for display ads shows all sizes. Ads may be submitted as EPS files (ask us for specifications) or we will make the ad for you.

International Advertising

The UED-ed (electronic delivery) version of the magazine reaches 20,000 international addresses at no additional cost.

Additional online advertising on UEN

Run-of-site vertical banners (120x240) are served on a rotating basis. A single slot in the rotation, representing 1/20 of the total page views, costs $150/month for an approximate $10 CPM.

Banner ads (550x72) are available under each equipment specialty on a shared basis. A total of six slots are available under each specialty (lathes, milling, cranes, etc); when an ad is placed under a specialty, it appears for all categories that fall under that specialty. Each specialty slot costs $25/month on an annual commitment.


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