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The following companies provide services and/or supplies. Please contact them directly for more information about their products and services.

CA San Diego : Medical Equipment Finders, 5703 Oberlin Dr Ste 203, Tel: 858-410-4364, Fax: 858-558-9360

GA Gainesville : The Book, PO Box 3273, Tel: 800-262-8005, Fax: 770-532-5667, Email: mclark@thebooklm.com

GA Peachtree City : The Medical Dealer, Inc, 18 Eastbrook Bnd, Tel: 800-906-3373, Fax: 770-632-9090, Email: john@mdpublishing.com

ID Post Falls : RG Buckner Co Inc, 404 W 18th Ave, Tel: 800-356-3847, Fax: 208-777-1894

KY La Grange : Medical Equipment Locator, PO Box 697, Tel: 800-239-8968, Fax: 502-222-9403, Email: melocator@aol.com

NJ Denville : Used Equipment Directory, 400 Morris Ave Ste 268, Tel: 973-625-9292, Fax: 973-625-8933, Email: bobs@buyused.com

NY New York : DOTmed.com, Inc., 29 Broadway Ste 2500, Tel: 212-742-1200, Email: info@dotmed.com

PA Malvern : Valley Forge Publishing, 400 Chesterfield Pkwy Ste 100, Tel: 610-854-3770, Fax: 610-854-3784, Email: mparella@valleyforgepress.com

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